Salman Baby Registry

Due August 20, 2019.

Salman Baby Registry

Due August 20, 2019.

Kelsey Salman

Operations Leader | Multimedia Specialist

What I do

I'm all about one thing: attracting more engaged customers.

I help companies grow

Versatile professional with a background of leading teams in dynamic environments and have demonstrated leadership skills in operations and logistics. Experience working in IT, broadcast, and consulting industries with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree from the University of North Texas.

A little bit about me

What I do for



Custom 360

Virtual Tours

UHD virtual tours, custom designed around your brand. I create unique VR experiences with enhanced features such as added video, hotspots, menus, pricing, and more.

Streetview 360

Virtual Tours

Your location, on Google Maps. As a Google Streetview | Trusted photographer, I create the ultimate 'walk-through' of your business using the Streetview system.

Aerial Photo

& Video

I am a Part 107 FAA sUAS Pilot in Command with over 200+ commercial photoshoots and 2 years of experience flying drones.



As a professional photographer for 3+ years, I love shooting nature landscapes, astrography, and time-lapse scenes.



I love to create visually stunning digital designs ranging from landing pages to full websites. My favorite platform to work on is WordPress, but I can adapt to practically anything.



A 5-Star rated coach in soccer and football with over 200+ private sessions completed. I am ranked 7th overall in Texas Soccer and 9th overall in Texas Football through CoachUp

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Let me help you grow your business.